Technical Meeting on the IDC Validation and Acceptance Test Plan

Hybrid (in-person at the Vienna International Centre & online through videoconferencing)

14-16 June 2023 

The working language will be English

The objective of this technical meeting is to continue the process of completing the IDC Validation and Acceptance Test Plan (VATP). The focus for this particular meeting will be to:

  1. Discuss the draft VATP. 
  2. Review the results of the Experiment that took place in February 2023
  3. Review the grouping of the validation tests for the next Experiments
  4. Discuss the next Experiments to take place

The following agenda is draft and may be subjected to changes prior to the technical meeting.  A detailed agenda will be provided to all participants prior to the technical meeting.

  1. Brief introduction and update on the Progressive Commissioning of the IDC
  2. Discussion on the preparation of the draft VATP rev 5.4
  3. Review the results of the 2023 Experiment
  4. Expert presentations, discussion and feedback
  5. Review the grouping of the validation tests for the next experiments
  6. Discussion on the next experiments to take place
  7. Meeting outcomes and action items

The meeting is aimed towards scientists, engineers and other persons who have technical expertise in one of the four IMS technologies, the functions of the IDC and in performance monitoring and testing. Participants are expected to provide their technical input to the VATP and related activities such as the Experiments. 

States Signatories are expected to nominate experts who will provide substantive inputs to these topics for discussion. 

Applicants are invited to submit an abstract relevant to the objectives of the meeting at the time of registration via the registration platform before 12 March 2023.


PowerPoint presentations shall not exceed 15 minutes

Point of Contact

Capacity Building and Training Section (IDC/CBT)
International Data Centre Division
CTBTO Preparatory Commission
Tel:  +43-1-26030-6484
Fax:  +43-1-26030-5973
Email: [email protected]