Business Opportunities

RFP/RFQ/ITB Number Date Posted Title PDFs Closing Date
RFP No. 2023-0100/HASAN SEALED BIDS - Provision of Accommodation and Related Services for CTBTO Sponsored Events in Vienna RFP No. 2023-0100/HASAN , Extension No. 1 , Extension No. 2
RFP No. 2023-0107/STOMOV Upgrading of Infrastructure and Support to the Installation of the Radionuclide Particulate Station at Buenos Aires, Argentina Extension No. 1 , RFP No. 2023-0107/STOMOV , Clarifications No. 1
RFP No. 2023-0120/RAHMAN SEALED BIDS - Software Development and Maintenance of NET-VISA RFP No. 2023-0120/RAHMAN , Extension No. 1
RFQ No. 2023-0102/HASAN Station Vehicle for the International Monitoring Station (IMS), Primary Seismic (PS45), Ukraine RFQ No. 2023-0102-HASAN , Clarifications No. 1
RE-BID RFQ No. 2023-0022/Thorvaldsdottir Ground Power Units for Airborne Operations: Startstick 10 RE-BID RFQ No. 2023-0022/Thorvaldsdottir
ITB 2023-0137/JIBRIL Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of Two Cisco UCSC-C225-M6S Servers as per attached Specifications ITB 2023-0137/JIBRIL
RFP No. 2023-0133/SANZ SEALED BIDS - Provision of Full Board Accommodation for 95 participants in Hungary on 16 June - 6 July 2024 RFP No. 2023-0133/SANZ
RFQ No. 2023-0140/POGGIO Ruggedized Field Tablets for OSI Exercise purposes RFQ No. 2023-0140/POGGIO