Business Opportunities

RFP/RFQ/ITB Number Date Posted Title PDFs Closing Date
RFP No. 2023-0023/APYLOV SEALED BIDS - Refurbishment of premises at IMS stations PS36/IS44/RN60, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy RFP 2023-0023/APYLOV
RFP No. 2023-0028/RAHMAN SEALED BIDS - Provision for Cloud Infrastructure Support Services on Call-off Basis CLARIFICATIONS No. 1 - RFP2023-0028-RAHMAN , REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
RFP No. 2023-0026/JIBRIL SEALED BIDS - Provision of CISCO Hardware Maintenance 2024 (SmartNet on-site) REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
RFP No. 2023-0021/APYLOV SEALED BIDS - Upgrade of fire alarm and safeguarding systems at the stations PS33/IS46/RN59 Zalesovo, PS36/IS44/RN60 P-Kamchatskiy, the Russian Federation RFP 2023-0021/APYLOV
RFQ No. 2023-0035/THORVALSDOTTIR Transportable Lightweight GIMO Servers for OSI Test and Exercise Purposes EXTENSION TO DEADLINE , RFQ2023-0035-THORVALSDOTTIR
ITB No.2023-0033/APYLOV Supply and replacement of batteries at eight (8) IMS stations in the Russian Federation ITB No.2023-0033/APYLOV
ITB No. 2023-0032/APYLOV Station all-terrain vehicle (ATV) for snowy and swampy environment for IMS station IS43, Dubna, the Russian Federation ITB No. 2023-0032/APYLOV
ITB No. 2023-0037/POGGIO SEALED BIDS - Provision of Equipment and Technical Support for Video Recording and Branding for the CTBTO Science and Technology Conference SnT 2023 ITB No. 2023-0037/POGGIO , Attachment 1 - Technical Compliance Matrix , Attachment 2 - Price Schedule Form
ITB No. 2023-0008/STOMOV Provision of Computer Equipment and Services for International Monitoring System Stations Invitation to Bid